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You have a vision and goals for yourself and it includes being a trusted advisor
and source of inspiration for your clients. You’ve worked hard and now you’re
ready to take the next step. CFP certification.

Join a community of learners and CFP prep coach Joe D’Amore to prepare for
the CFP exam. By joining and participating actively in a study group you can
augment your education program and review program. The Study Group is a
central hub for your learning where community with others preparing and
opportunities to present will enhance your skills and knowledge.

Four programs are available with a core theme to support you with a
Personally Advised Study Solution (PASS).

Which PASS Path is right for you?

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You are invited to establish a log-in to gain access to “ Pass Path Library” to view available core study aids.

This access will be granted for 24 hours to allow you to evaluate these valuable resources. Please get in touch with me within this time frame. Should you decide to engage in one of the support services, your access will be maintained during your study phase.

In addition to these resources, you will be given comprehensive notes and access to a community of learners so that you can join a study cohort to work on case studies 10-12 weeks before your exam date.

To learn more, please get in touch with me by e-mail, phone, or, preferably, set up a meeting with Calendly.

Thank you, Joe D’AmoreCFP®, MSFS, M.Ed.
Principal, D’Amore Pass Path

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Benefits When You Enroll

> Construct a Study Plan <
> Motivational exercises <
> Test Anxiety Management exercises <
> Educational Gaps review and exercises <

Test Prep Materials

We provide dozens of study guides, worksheets, question prompts and tools to help expedite the learning process.

Video Tutorials

Conversations and lectures are recorded and stored in the video repository. Feel free to watch or re-watch as you need!

Mental Wellness

Spiritual, caring, holistic CFP test prep with a manageable learning plan with a reward cycle. Make studying … manageable.

Collaborative Learning

During study group everyone in the group contributes to each other’s perspectives in learning. We will be using my own sourced materials.

Celebrate Exam Passing

We look at the world of passing the CFP Exam not only from a curriculum perspective, also from an empowerment, confident, holistic point of view.

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