What People Are Saying

“THANK YOU for the calculator workshop. Generally, I’m good with the calculator. Despite that fact, your workshop from yesterday gave me three massive A-HA moments! You add milk to your cereal (serial), the candlestick method-LIFE changer for me-, and the delta key! I’ll never forget these now, and I’m psyched to continue my practice now with more confidence!” – Beth L.

“I had taken the CFP two times prior to taking Joe D’Amore’s  Pass Path. I did my study through Kaplan and pre-study through Zahn. The second time I took the test I just re-read the same material thinking that I just needed to remember more of what I read and honestly got a similar result.  I was unsure what I was going to do, give up? Do the same thing for the third time?

I knew I didn’t want to sink the huge sum of money into another pre-study course. A colleague of mine told me about Joe’s Pass Path, it was just what I needed for success. I think the first thing I loved about it was the case study with cohorts. Four of us joined up and weekly worked through problems. I think I aced the cast study on the test, wish the whole thing was case studies.

Secondly, Joe’s study aids and approach to studying were instrumental to my success.  It was the same information  told in a different, often time more practical way.  I remember Joe telling me, why would you re-read everything for the third time, try these in reference to his online library of study aids he calls “primers” (like prime the pump).

I was able to pass this time with Joe’s help and the great study mates in my case study cohort!     — Andrew

“Thank you so much for your study group and primers, I felt confident going into the exam on calculator/formula questions. I’m happy to say I passed!” – Rebecca
“Much special thanks goes to my CFP Board mentor, Joe D’ Amore. I was very lucky to connect with Joe and be part of his study group! Amongst many other things, Joe taught me the power of the calculator, which fortunately for me, I totally embraced. He challenged me to do at least 5-8 calculator questions every night. After a few months, I became a calculator junkie learning not only the main keystrokes and shortcuts but more importantly, how to quickly identify what the questions were asking for to be solved. No doubt, this is what carried me over the finish line.” – Christopher

“Working in Joe’s group was a game changer. This was my third attempt and I truly feel the accountability and just having others by my side to study and take practice questions with together helped especially when I wasn’t feeling my most motivated.  Joe, thank you again for all your generosity with your time and support.” —Ben​

“Took my first shot at the CFP Exam yesterday and I passed!  Thanks for providing your Study Group. It was also great to hear different viewpoints on test prep and test taking strategies. I started with your original study group months ago while I was still working through my educational courses. I am glad I latched on to your latest offering. It was very helpful.” – Vic
“You truly are an excellent teacher, Joe.  Thank you for all that you did to help me pass.” – Erin
“Joe D’Amore’s study group that he lead on a weekly basis was a nice balance because you feel so connected with other students that are going through the same frustrations. He brought experts on the zoom calls that specialize in certain areas of financial planning which helped us understand real life scenarios.” – Heather
“Hi Joe – I was able to pass last week and I’m extremely grateful for your assistance. I wish you all the best in your tutoring going forward!” – Carolyn
“Thanks Joe! Your tips and Primers were life savers. Those were my go to documents in last two weeks.” – Sunil
“I passed. Just wanted to thank you for all your help!” – Joanna
“As a career-changer with limited prior financial experience, I felt overwhelmed with the breadth, depth and complexity of many of the CFP® exam topics. I had real-world personal experience with things like the time value of money, insurance, taxes, and estate planning, but investments and retirement planning were relatively foreign to me. Joe is able to break these complex concepts down into manageable segments so that I could more easily learn and retain the material. His casual, conversation style, peppered with personal anecdotes makes learning engaging and fun.  You never feel like you’re receiving a lecture, but more like chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee. And Joe truly does feel like a friend – he is encouraging, motivating, and cares about the success of each and every one of his students. I highly recommend utilizing Joe’s PASS Path program to any student who is serious about passing the CFP® exam.” – Erin
“From a personal point of view, I can’t say enough of Joe’s study program. I don’t recall  how I found his study group, just very thankful that I did. If you are searching for a group to connect, are in need of a different perspective and would appreciate a collaborative approach, I would hands down suggest this venue. Joe is committed to each and everyone’s success  which was I so appreciated. He truly cares. Good luck to you all in your journey to passing this next round!.” – Laura
“Hi Joe, I write this email with amazing gratitude for all the help you have provided along the way. Took the exam this morning and passed it. It’s been truly a journey. Thank you for your dedication and tireless effort to help us. Now I’m in the “CFP® Club”!” – Kimberly
“Joe – just wanted to let you know I passed! Thank you so much for all of your support and efforts on our behalf.” – Kathy